Rail Nation Masters 2

The biggest competition of the year


Welcome to the race track! Rail Nation Masters is the ultimate tournament, in which the best Rail Nation players from around the world compete to win amazing prizes and real trophies. The tournament is played in multilingual game worlds with Classic Express, i. e. the Classic scenario at double the speed. How does it work? To make sure there is something for every player, this year we have a wide range of game options.


International championship and gleaming trophies

In Masters 2: Allstars, each player with two or more stars in their career has the chance to prove themselves in one of three qualification game worlds, which begin on the 30th of August 2019. If these aren’t enough, up to two more game worlds will be opened. The best 2,500 players − as well as the players from the top ten associations who don’t rank among the top 2,500 individual players − will qualify for the final round.

The final round starts directly after the qualification rounds, on the 25th of October. Here too, players will aim for victory in a Classic Express game world. At the end, the best players and associations will receive a massive amount of Rail Nation Gold, while the members of the best association will earn a real medal, and the winner of Rail Nation Masters 2 will be awarded with an original Rail Nation trophy.

But that’s not all! Anyone can join Masters 2: Rising Stars, even if they have only one star in their career − or none at all. In this case, the competition gets going straight away without a qualification round, starting on the 13th of September. However, it’s first come, first served, as registrations will be limited to a maximum of 3,500(might be changed, depending on demand). Players of Masters 2: Rising Stars likewise compete in multilingual game worlds with the Classic Express scenario. And Gold, real medals and an original trophy are also up for grabs for the winners here.


Community challenges and a new round of Clash!

In addition to the competition game worlds of Masters 2, there are a number of community challenges for all players.

But we don’t want to reveal all the details just yet. What we can say is this: the winners of the challenges can expect valuable bonuses – not just for Masters 2: Allstars and Rising Stars, but also for all other Rail Nation game worlds. We can also promise that overcoming these tricky challenges will make quite a few heads spin! So, they’re only something for the brightest minds among you!

More information about the community challenges can be found HERE.

And another thing: Rail Nation Clash! is returning. From the 30th of August to the 3rd of October, you can compete against each other again in thrilling one-on-one-on-one races. Like last time, in Masters 2: Clash! you’ll face two opponents on a triangular map. Navigate from industry to industry, collect goods and destroy your rivals’ routes. Whoever is the first to successfully collect ten goods wins. Once again, unique achievements can be won and the winner of the tournament will pick up a real Rail Nation trophy!
A special schedule applies to Clash!, so check it out HERE.

Fun, thrills and the chance to be crowned the best Rail Nation player in the whole world. There’s something for everyone in Rail Nation Masters 2!

All the details, participation conditions, information on the prizes up for grabs, FAQs, an explanation of the qualification round, dates and much more can be found on the information page in the Lobby.


35 thoughts on “Rail Nation Masters 2

  1. Question: How can I pre-register with my corporation?

    Answer: Although pre-registration isn’t possible, you can all start together in the same qualification game world and start a new corporation there. Simply register at the same time as each other so that there is enough space for you all in the game world.
    You can then qualify for the final together. In this case, you will be automatically pre-registered for the Allstars final.


  2. Hallo, wie ich lese können auf den Qualifikationsspielwelten nur Spieler ab 2 Sternen mitmachen.
    Ich hatte geplant mit Freunden auf dem gleichen Server zu spielen.
    5 von ihnen haben aber nur 1 Stern.
    Dann geht daß doch gar nicht, oder doch?
    Wenn nicht wäre daß sehr Schade und ich muß mir überlegen ob ich allein spiele oder es lasse.

  3. Hallo traumburg,

    die Plätze im Finale werden je nach Menge der Qualifikationsserver verteilt: 2500/Anzahl der Qualifikationsserver. Bei 5 Qualifikationsservern haben sich demnach die ersten 500 Spieler von jedem Server für das Finale qualifiziert.

    Viele Grüße

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