Public Performance Test on the PTR

We need you!
Following the bugs, we have now moved on to tackling the performance issues. What does that mean? We want a smooth game experience with windows that open quickly and also achieve a decent speed when scrolling and moving on the map. We have therefore developed a number of changes and improvements that are waiting for you to put to the test. To get as many comparative measurements as possible, we are hoping for broad support on one of our public test servers. And because we don’t want you to come away empty-handed, we’ve devised a little PTR event for you all.

  • If you haven’t already done so, register on the PTR server HERE
  • When the event starts on 10 November 2020, log into PTR1 Speedy (WARNING: the OLD version WITHOUT the improvements will be found here).
  • After the first half of the second day, an update will be added that contains the changes and improvements, allowing you to marvel at the new performance on the second half of the second day and on the third day.
  • For us, it’s important that you play on the server in the way you normally do as well as open plenty of windows.
  • If you reach 3500 prestige in the three days and complete the survey at the end of it, you can pick up 500 Gold, which you can collect on a live server of your choice.

We look forward to your support. Now crank open those windows in Rail Nation!

Your Rail Nation QA Team

47 thoughts on “Public Performance Test on the PTR

  1. Hi, when I go to register on the PTR server, it offers a clickbutton with «Enter PTR Lobby» written on it .

    Before clicking on the button I read this precaution :

    «If you are playing Rail Nation on live servers, please note that you must create a separate account for the PTR lobby.»

    As I’m rather new here, I do not know if I’m playing Rail Nation on live servers AND must create a separate account for the PTR lobby. So I haven’t clicked/entered the PTR Lobby yet …

    This is where I’m playing :
    «Steam over Europe
    COM202 Loch Ness»

    Is this a «live server» ?

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