Product Care 6 – Update 6.9.3

Dear Community,

We’ve been working hard to address the pesky issue that has plagued our gameplay experience: the mysterious sound bug that had a mind of its own. No more will you be caught off guard by a sudden symphony of audio when it should be as silent as a whisper.

A personal message from us to your ears: you’re welcome!

Ah… and then there’s Medal 42, the mischievous pop-up that had a knack for showing up when it shouldn’t. Fear not, for we have tamed this quirky quirk and given it a new name and an adjusted task.

Of course, this was not all 😊 Apart from some preparations for the anticipated Rail Nation Masters in August, we have worked hard to present you with some balancing changes for the City Project as well as bug fixes galore 

Read all the details in the lists below! 

Thank you all for sending in info, observations and reports and don’t hesitate to keep them coming if you notice something amiss.


Rollout plan v6.9.3.0.

11.07.2023 – Initial Rollout – 10:45 – 11:45 UTC+2 (+/-15 min)

:gb: EN05 Cylinder Head, EN202 Loch Ness
:ru: RU15 Ведущая ось, RU105 Бродвей
:de: DE09 Regulator, DE18 Stellwerk


13.07.2023 – Country Rollout – 10:45 – 11:45 UTC+2  (+/-15 min)

:gb: EN01 Steam Boiler, EN02 Firebox, EN101 Rocky Mountains, EN201 Big Ben
:ru: RU05 Коленчатый вал, RU201 Золотое кольцо
:de: DE01 Dampfkessel, DE201 Brandenburger Tor


19.07.2023 – Global 1 Rollout – 10:45 – 12:15 UTC+2  (+/-15 min)

:de: DE04 Kohlekasten, DE05 Kurbelwelle, DE07 Drehgestell, DE11 Dieselpumpe, DE105 Grand Canyon, DE107 Broadway, DE204 Neuschwanstein, DE205 Holstentor
:fr: FR03 Boite à fumée, FR101 Golden Gate, FR201 Tour Eiffel, FR201 Arc de Triomphe
:polar_bear: N01 Nordic Rail, N101 Golden Gate
:es: ES01 Máquina de Vapor, ES02 Caja de Fuego, ES201 El Escorial
:flag-pt: PT01 Caldeira a vapor, PT02 Fornalha
:us: US01 Crankshaft, US102 Grand Central, US103 Broadway


20.07.2023 – Global 2 Rollout – 10:45 – 12:15 UTC+2

:flag-cz: CZ01 Kotel, CZ03 Komín, CZ07 Rychlík, CZ101 Golden Gate, CZ201 Vyšehrad
:flag-gr: GR01 Βραστήρας Ατμού
:it: IT01 Caldaia, IT03 Camino, IT101 Golden Gate, IT201 Colosseo
:flag-nl: NL01 Stoomketel, NL02 Kolenkast, NL201 Euromast
:flag-pl: PL05 Wał korbowy, PL101 Golden Gate, PL201 Wawel
:flag-ro: RO01 Cazanul de aburi, RO02 Cutia de foc
:flag-tr: TR01 Buhar Kazanı
:flag-ua: UA01 Паровий котел, UA02 Вугільна топка


Offline, Endgame or Short before Endgame  (+/-15 min)
These game worlds will get the update with the start of the new round:

:gb: EN03 Smoke Chamber, EN203 Tower Bridge
:de: DE03 Rauchkammer, DE08 Kuppelstange, DE101 Golden Gate
:fr: FR01 Chaudière à vapeur
:polar_bear: N201 Scandinavia
:flag-pl: PL01 Kocioł parowy, PL03 Komora dymna, PL11 Pompa diesla
:ru: RU01 Паровой котел, RU204 Зимний дворец
:flag-tr: TR02 Ateşleme Ocağı
:us: US101 Golden Gate


Please note that the Orient Express game worlds currently running will not be updated, as they are too far into the eras when the update takes place. 


RN-11628 – SOUND: It is now possible to turn off/on the game sounds/music on a global level via the Options Menu. This means that once you turn the sound/music off, it is off on all game worlds and with all avatars connected to your game account. If you decide to turn the sound/music on again, it will be on everywhere again. It may take up to 5 minutes for the changes to apply to other game worlds. (Video sound/music is excluded from this rule, as this is not something we can adjust)  RN-9329 – TEXT: Fixed an issue where the text IDs were shown instead of the actual text (EN Specific)  RN-2063 – SHOP/SALE: Fixed an issue where the displayed bonus gold rounded down instead of up.  RN-9055 – SHOP: The ‘Premium Surveys available’ pop-up should no longer pop up again after it had been previously closed (within one game round).  RN-4072 – SHOP: Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change game worlds when a Flash Sale, in-game promotion, or in-game gold/feature discount was active.  RN-3745 – PROFIT: Fixed an issue where the profit overview of a complete game round would turn negative.  RN-2271 – SOE: REGION: Fixed a bug where the regional prestige ranking did not display rank 10.   RN-4613 – STARFLOW: Fixed a bug where Lucy would try to flirt with the player by bashing her eyelashes at high-speed. Lucy now blinks at a normal pace and her facial muscles are grateful for the break.  RN-6137 – TUTORIAL: Added an arrow that was missing from the Tutorial quest ‘Research an engine upgrade’ (Step 2.1).   RN-6145 – TUTORIAL: Adjusted an arrow that was pointing in the wrong direction in the Tutorial quest ‘Invest in an industry’ (Step 7.4).  RN-8211 – ORIGIN JOURNEY: GOODS: Fixed the inconsistency of good icons.  RN-9225 – TECHTREE: Fixed a bug where the (full) research point indicator would not automatically update after the laboratory was upgraded.   RN-9681 – SHOP: Fixed a bug where the survey button would throw an error if the shop was opened or closed quickly.  RN-9904 – ACCESSIBILITY: RECOMMENDED GOODS: Adjusted the text colour of the recommended goods textbox.   RN-9991 – WIDGETS: Fixed multiple small bugs within widgets.  
  • The widget button in the main user interface now updates when changing the order of widgets and when changing the language.  
  • When dragging a single train from one widget to another, there will no longer be a duplication of the train in the destination widget.  
  • When deleting a train widget while moving all trains to another widget, there will no longer be a duplication of the train entries.  
RN-10115 – WIDGET ASSOCIATION: Fixed a bug where the heights of buttons within widgets were inconsistent. They are now properly aligned.  RN-10117 – BONUS CODE: Fixed a bug where the content of a bonus code or other free received items were displayed beneath each other instead of next to each other, causing the user to not be able to see all items after a specific amount.   RN-11345 – MEDALS: Medal ‘42. I’m in a hurry has been reworked. Not only will it now not pop up unwanted and unneeded, but it has also been renamed and the new task that needs to be completed to get this medal was changed. The new name of the medal is ‘A good start’ and the task is: Complete your first transport.   RN-12731 – COMPETITION: Fixed a bug where an error would occur when trying to schedule your trains for a competition.   FORUM: Multiple mentions, links and buttons to the forum (not the in-game forum, no worries) have been removed due to the shutdown of the forum on the 26th of June.   PTR GUIDELINES: Moved the Public Test Realm guidelines here due to the PTR forum closure.  
GATES – The cost per gate was cut in half. For example, if it were 100 points, it would now be 50 points.    EXCHANGE RATES – adjusted some of the exchange rates for contributions as per the table below:  
Currency  Gives:   (Old)  Gives:   (New) 
Money  $10,000*era*era=1 Point  $10,000*era=1 Point 
Coupon Mechanic  2 Points  5 Points 
Coupon Instant Loading  1 Points  2 Points 
Coupon Boost  1 Point  3 Points 
Coupon Train  3 Points  5 Points 
Coupon Rail   5 Points  10 Points 
Lottery Ticket  5 Points  10 Points 
Coupon HQ  5 Points  10 Points 
Coupon Investment  2 Points  3 Points 
Coupon Waggon  1 Point  2 Points 
Coupon Halve Waiting Time  5 Points  10 Points 
Coupon License  2 Points  4 Points 
Coupon Upgrade  1 Point  2 Points 
Coupon Instant Building  5 Points  10 Points 
Coupon Power Bonus  10 Points  20 Points 
Coupon Building Price Reduction  3 Points  5 Points 
RN-6089 – SYNC: Fixed a bug where the timers in-game went out of sync when the app was put into the background. The timers should be in sync now. In case the game does not sync automatically, you now also have a button refresh button you can use instead of restarting the app. If you still notice issues, please forward your observations.  RN-6088 – TUTORIAL: Fixed a bug where an error with the tutorial would appear after switching from one game world to another.   RN-6135 – iOS SOUND: Fixed an issue where the app would pause the music/sound which the user was listening to at the time they started the app.   RN-9810 – PRELOADING: Fixed a bug where the app would crash due to messages from William. William is really sorry about the trouble he caused us and promises never to do it again!  RN-10008 - ASSOCIATION: Fixed a bug where the app would crash when trying to open the emblems screen or choose a different colour of your symbol/pattern/outline.   RN-10036 – AMERICAN DREAM SCENARIO: Fixed a bug where some assets were missing, and some wrong tiles were used on the map.   RN-10061 – CRASHES: Fixed a bug where the app would crash when switching between special tracks.   RN-10069 – SOFTKEYBOARD: Fixed a bug where the app would crash when tapping out of the softkeyboard when typing in values for investments.   RN-12598 – TUTORIAL: Fixed a bug where the app would crash after attempting to redeem a won lottery ticket after completing the tutorial step for building the level 2 restaurant.